Accents & Accessories

Accents can add pizazz and individuality to your project. Like cufflinks to a suit or necklace to a dress, think of it these as the "jewelry" for your room.

The right combination of Accessories creates a functional space with a fashionable feel.

Accents & Designs

You can easily take your tile design to the next level. By adding an accent piece - such as a medallion over the stove or in the shower or breaking up a tile design by adding a mosaic or listello - you can add that "Wow-factor." We have a huge selection of accents– visit a store to play around with hundreds of possibilies.

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Accessories – such as shower niches, inlaid soap dishes, and custom outlet plates – add function as well as a pleasing aesthetic to your project. We carry a variety of Accessories to help your project go from simple remodel to the space of your dreams.

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