Accents & Designs

Mosaics and Listellos are an easy way to punch up a design and show your personality through vibrant colors and interesting patterns. Itís one of the many areas in tiling you can really let loose and have fun.

What is the difference between a mosaic and a listello? A mosaic is any array of small tiles laid together on a backing. A listello is a thin strip of a mosaic or patterned tile typically used as a border or trim piece. However, they can also be used in the middle of a tile design simply to break up the design or add flair.

Confused? Donít be. Weíre here to help answer any tiling and design questions you may have. Come by any one of our many locations. We will literally lay your options out in front of you so you can play around with color, shape, and layouts.


Add a decorative touch or a finishing border to your remodel with a style-enhancing listello.

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Mosaics arenít just for your kitchen backsplash. They can be used to add color and creativity to any tiling project from an accent in your shower or a grand design in your garden.

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