Cleaning & Care

Cleaners and care products are an important – yet often overlooked – part of ensuring the project’s long-lasting beauty.

Without the proper cleaning and care products, your grout can become stained, acidic lemon juice can eat away your tile’s finish, and fruit juice becomes a formidable foe. The enemies to your unique project’s perfection can be found in everyday items, just lying around the house, ready to ruin everything… permanently.


If your project wasn’t properly sealed, your beautiful tiles and grout can become stained by food and drinks or lose its luster due to mineral build up.

It can be difficult to know which cleaner to use for which stain. And, using improper cleaners can ruin most tiles. You can damage the finish and even alter the color and texture.

But, don’t worry– our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right cleaners for the job and reverse most damages.

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Sealers and Enhancers

Most consequences can be avoided with the right sealer. We offer the best in tile and project protection.

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Even the finest tile could use a little boost. Use a penetrating, sealing enhancer to boost the tile’s natural color, texture, and unique characteristics.

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