Transitions are often a secondary thought when it comes to the overall outcome of your project. However, the proper transitions complete the project. When picking out your tiles, it’s important to consider how you want each aspect of your space to blend into one another.

We offer multiple types of transitions for every possible need.  For example:

  • Do you want your tiled countertop to continue up the wall, or are your installing a splash guard or mosaic tiles?
  • How are you going to finish the edges on your stairs?
  • How do you want to separate your tiled floor from your carpeting?

We’re here to help you decide and answer any questions you may have.

Bullnose and Battiscopa Tiles

Bullnose and battiscopa tiles are rounded off on one side in order to provide a finished look to your tile project. While they are essentially the same, it has become common practice to refer to this type of transition used on flooring edging as “battiscopas” and countertop edging as “bullnose tiles.” Bullnose tiles also come with more than one side rounded off in order to fit into corners or cap off a countertop.

You will want to select your battiscopas and bullnose tiles when selecting your main tiles. Should you select a design without accompanying battiscopa and bullnose tiles, we can have them made.

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Chair and Sink Rails

Chair rails help guard your walls from damage. However, they can also add a stylish accent to your kitchen or other project.

Sink rails are essential for any kitchen and bathroom project to look polished with clean lines.

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Edges and Profiles

Picking out new flooring tiles is fun and exciting. However, It can be easy to forget the items that make your project look finished and clean. We offer products and advice on how to correctly blend one type of flooring into another.

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